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  • The Magic of Boundaries

    The Magic of Boundaries

    Thursday, 7 March12pm-1,30pm Costa Rica / 8pm-9,30pm Jerusalem Boundaries are the place where you and I can meet with love, safety, and respect. In this workshop, we will explore boundary setting, self-regulation, and conflict transformation with assertive communication practices, awareness tools, somatic movement, and voice activation.  “Find your No to live your Yes.

  • Writing for Healing

    Writing for Healing

    Thursday, 29 February12pm-1:30pm Costa Rica / 8pm-9:30pm Jerusalem Writing can be a tool for healing, integration and self-regulation, as well as creative expression and discovery. We will explore the creative process of writing and share our written words to digest our experiences and heal—both individually and as a group. Toby Israel, writer, editor and facilitator,…

  • Peace Activation Training 7-week Program

    Peace Activation Training 7-week Program

    We combine nonlinear leadership, spiritual psychology, and conflict transformation skills in a comprehensive program. The program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to address and mitigate conflicts in their communities effectively. We incorporate practical exercises, case studies, and role-playing scenarios to provide hands-on experience in applying peace-building strategies.