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Volunteer Positions Open

We are in the process of creating specific position announcements. In the interim, you may submit an application to join us.

Eva Dalak

Eva Dalak is an accomplished Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach with a wealth of experience leading diverse, dynamic, and intricate programs alongside multicultural teams to achieve conflict transformation and strategic organizational change. With an impressive 25-year career collaborating with the United Nations, European Union, the World Bank, and various international NGOs across over 22 countries, Eva specializes in crafting training courses for institutions and universities, executing program activities, contributing to policy development, and designing, monitoring, and evaluating diverse development programs in conflict-affected regions.

In 1998, Eva earned her degree in International Relations and Political Science from the Sorbonne in Paris. In 2012, she furthered her education, obtaining a major in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Eva is dedicated to fostering the understanding that peace emanates from within each individual, profoundly impacting our environment and community, leading her to establish Peace Activation and advocate for what she terms “soul-based peacebuilding.”


Jimmy is a firm believer in unfettered and equal access to resources—be it food, medicine, shelter, peace, tools, opportunities, education, or transportation. According to Jimmy, “There is a path we can take which governs itself—this way will feel so right that straying from it will offer obvious resistance.” For him, eliminating words like ‘work’ and ‘business’ is crucial, as he views everything through the lens of relationships, emphasizing the inherent interconnectedness of all aspects of life.

Jimmy is website developer for and other non-profit organizations. He guides the organization in strategic planning and institutional research, combining his skills in IT with his background in institutional effectiveness.

Toby Israel

Toby is a writer, consultant, and facilitator currently rooted in Costa Rica. She holds a BA in Anthropology from Middlebury College and an MA in International Peace Studies with a specialisation in Media, Peace, and Conflict Studies from the UN-mandated University for Peace.
Toby is the founder of Mujeres Fuertes Autodefensa (Women Empowered Self-Defense), a social enterprise dedicated to providing holistic self-defense and empowerment training across Costa Rica, and beyond. She is passionate about individual and collective healing, empowerment and liberation. She is a certified global instructor with ESD Global, credentialed by the Association of ESD professionals, and a trainer of trainers.
Toby believes that words are medicine, and that stories just might heal the world.

Haneen Sabbah

Haneen Sabbah, a Palestinian Falahi woman now based in southern Portugal, is a writer at We Are Not Numbers and Global Voices, and an organizer, singer and storyteller at heart. She also teaches Arabic online to Israeli Activists and Jews who want to connect to their Arabic roots.

Having left Gaza in 2018, she moved to a community where she learned peace work and non-violent communication, which helped her advocate for nonviolent resistance with the Palestinian people. Haneen promotes Palestinian culture with songs, food and stories. Believing in the importance of inner healing for collective liberation, she leads a guided movement meditative practice. Her work is rooted in love.

Ashley de Regil

Ashley is a passionate social worker and educator, who brings her dedication to education and peace work to life through a diverse career. Raised with Mexican and Canadian roots in Costa Rica, she has worked globally, focusing on refugee issues in Canada, Costa Rica, and Israel. Ashley’s impactful five-year tenure in Israel, where she served as the program director for survivors of trafficking and torture among African asylum seekers and refugees, underscores her commitment to addressing complex challenges faced by vulnerable populations.

Currently, Ashley leverages her expertise as a school counselor and parenting support coach, striking a balance between her professional endeavors and the joyous responsibilities of raising three children. Her journey reflects a deep commitment to creating positive change through education and compassionate support for those in need.

Fabrice Renaudin

Fabrice was born and raised in the South of France. He moved to California to learn Primal Therapy, yoga, breath work and dove into the art of massage 27 years ago, and since then practice with passion about a dozen different modalities. His focus and goal is to understand what your being needs, to lovingly and skillfully bring you to a state of balance and wellbeing. After giving about 10000 massages, Fabrice has developed a technique he calls Breathassage to let go, free Kundalini energy and regenerate. He also coachs people in a yoga technique called Yoganimal to open the chakras and expand the body/mind capacity to live optimally.
He lives in Costa Rica for 12 years, where he hosts health retreats in a magical environment.

Ulfat Haider

Ulfat Haider is a Palestinian from Haifa, Israel. She was a Program Director at Beit Gaefen – an Arab-Jewish Center in Haifa. One of her projects involves leading an annual student expedition to the Alps. She has been involved in several projects promoting peaceful co-existence between Jewish and Arab youth in Israel. She has also led and facilitated numerous multicultural and multi-ethnic groups of various ages in wide-ranging projects and initiatives. Ulfat is a visionary professional with over 20 years of experience in curating inspirational projects, delivering impactful motivational speeches, skillfully facilitating group dynamics, and championing social causes. Passionate and committed to fostering positive change in both individuals and communities, she integrates outdoor experiences for a holistic approach to personal growth and meaningful dialogues.