Peace Activation Retreat

Zen Rocks, Mani, Greece
Dates: 25-29 June 2024
720 per person*
Application Deadline: 7 June

Program Summary

As part of ongoing efforts among various peace activist groups to address these challenges, and to strengthen peacebuilders’ capacity to take on leadership roles, we are organizing a 5-day retreat for Jewish, Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders and peace activists in the diaspora and international peacebuilders who want to achieve greater reach and impact in promoting peaceful solutions. Eva Dalak and Cordula Reimann will lead the retreat, both experienced facilitators and conflict transformation experts who already work together with various peacebuilding groups. The retreat will take place 25-29 June 2024 at the Zen Rocks centre, beautifully situated by the sea in Mani, Greece, about 3 hours from Athens airport.

Activities and Engagement

We will organize ourselves in a flexible and highly participatory manner, which allows enough time for rest, self-reflection, one to each session, group work, and plenary discussions. Additionally, we offer meditation and movement practices.

Requirements of Participants

Experiences in peacebuilding, non-violent resistance, non-violent communication and /or trauma work. Coming with an open heart & mind and a sense of humor will help.

Focus of the Retreat

The primary focus of the retreat will be enhancing the participants’ well-being, trauma-sensitivity, resilience and leadership skills. The comprehensive program will include workshops, training sessions, and discussions led by experts in the fields of mental and physical health, as well as experienced leaders in the non-violent movement. The sessions will cover topics such as stress management, self-care practices, intergenerational and collective trauma healing, conflict transformation skills, and spiritual psychology. Additionally, the retreat will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for participants to engage in peer-to-peer learning, share experiences and expand their support network. Vivi Letsou, who is hosting the retreat at Zen Rocks, will share movement practices, yoga & mindfulness.

Meet the Facilitators

Eva Dalak

Cordula Reimann

The application deadline has passed.

You’re welcome to submit your information so we can contact you when the next retreat is announced!

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Personal Statement

Tell us about your motivation to participate in a retreat and what you hope to gain from this experience.

April 2024 Retreat at Zen Rocks

We gathered 10 individuals—peace activators, artists, Palestinians, Israelis, Palestinians and Jews from the diaspora, as well as international activists—for a powerful workshop retreat in Mani, Greece, centered on cultivating resilience, inner peace and transformation, and collective liberation strategies.

This 3-day retreat laid the groundwork for a network of mutual support and equipped participants with leadership skills and tools. It was held in a nurturing environment that created space for trauma work, compassionate processing, and meditation.

Photos from Zen Rocks

Next Peace Activation Training Begins in April

Enrollment is now open.

Program Outline


Embracing Difficult Emotions and Perspectives

In times of crisis, war, and terror, sharing and acknowledging difficult emotions and different perspectives are vital for fostering connection, resilience, and hope. Our exchanges serve as a bridge to understanding and empathy, not as an end in themselves.


Engage in open dialogue, share your experiences, and listen to others.


Balancing Healing and Connection

Individuals and communities carry unprocessed trauma and triggers. While connection is essential for healing, it should complement personal healing efforts. We encourage a balanced approach where others offer support and empathy while individuals take responsibility for their healing.


Seek healing for yourself and support others on their healing journeys


The Power of Multi-Partiality

Embodying multi-partiality involves engaging with different actors’ needs while speaking truth to power. This approach may be unfamiliar, but it can be learned and practiced in our communities.


Embrace multi-partiality and engage with diverse perspectives.


Embracing Our Diverse Identities

We are more than our ethnic, religious, gender, or national identities. Recognizing our shared humanity, world citizenship, and caregiving roles can bridge divides.


Focus on life-affirming identities that unite us.


Transformative Change Through Peace Activation

Our vision for transformative change is rooted in the acceptance of change as a natural part of life. We challenge traditional peacebuilding approaches by asking critical questions about peace, personal peace, and collective triggers and trauma.


Reflect on your role in peacebuilding and explore the concept of “creative destruction.”


Ongoing Journey of Peace Activation

Activating peace within and among us is an ongoing, lifelong process that requires collective efforts. Join us in shaping a vision for a just and harmonious world.


Become a part of our community, continue your peace activation journey.

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