Peace Activation Training

We combine non-linear leadership, spiritual psychology, and conflict transformation skills in a comprehensive program.

Program Summary

The program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to address and mitigate conflicts in their communities effectively. We incorporate practical exercises, case studies, and role-playing scenarios to provide hands-on experience in applying peace-building strategies.

7 Months

We meet every Wednesday

100% Online

All you need is WiFi and Zoom to attend.

Feedback & Reflection

This program promotes ongoing learning and collaboration.

month 01

Foundations of Peace Activation

Introduce participants to the core principles of non-linear leadership, spiritual psychology, and conflict transformation

month 02

Non-Linear Leadership in Action

Explore the application of non-linear leadership principles in peacebuilding

month 03

Spiritual Psychology for Inner Peace

Delve into the role of spiritual psychology in personal transformation and conflict resolution.

month 04

Building Conflict Transformation Skills

Equip participants with practical skills for transforming conflicts.

month 05

Integrating NLL + SP Theory

Synthesize non-linear leadership and spiritual psychology for holistic peace practice.

month 06

Applied Conflict Transformation Projects

Apply the learned skills in designing peace activation projects.

woman standing in desert
month 07

Synthesis, Presentation and Reflection

Present peace activation projects and reflect on the learning journey.

Join Us

Enrollment is open for the next cohort beginning in September.
The cost of this program is $1974

Peace Activation Training Application (May 2024)

Meet the Facilitators

Eva Dalak

Sami Awad

Next Peace Activation Training Begins in April

Enrollment is now open.

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