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Welcome to Let’s Activate Peace, your gateway to pioneering the art of peacebuilding through heartfelt dialogue and transformative learning. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers of polarization and creating spaces free from silence and self-censorship. Our platform is a vibrant community where emotions and diverse viewpoints are not just shared but celebrated, helping us all navigate and mitigate escalating conflict dynamics.

Meeting Schedule

We meet every Wednesday

100% Online

All you need is WiFi and Zoom to attend.

Feedback & Reflection

This program promotes ongoing learning and collaboration.

Thematic Deep Dive

We offer a series of focused, thematic deep dives into non-violent social change and the activation of peace:

  • Embrace Multi-partiality:Learn the significance of maintaining multiple perspectives and how it can strengthen peace efforts. 
  • Explore Elasticity in Being:Recognize and honor your multiple identities to foster personal and community resilience.
  • Address Spiritual Bypassing: Unpack how sometimes spiritual practices can sidestep critical social issues and explore ways to avoid it.
  • Understand and Start Transforming Collective Trauma: Implement a trauma-sensitive approach to peacebuilding to address and heal communal wounds.
  • Support Wounded Peace Activists:Gain strategies to handle challenging conversations constructively. Move from peace activist to peace activators. 
  • Navigate Non-linear Leadership:Explore the unique challenges and opportunities this form of leadership presents in peacebuilding efforts.
Gathering at the table for collaborative peace-building initiatives -April 2024 Retreat, Mani, Greece

Tailored Team Journeys

Embark on a 7-week journey tailored for teams within organizations to explore the dynamics of collective triggers, individual emotions, group interactions, and organizational culture. This in-depth process is aimed at fostering collective resilience and understanding.

Special Initiatives & Retreats

Our recent appeal to EU member states calls upon peacebuilders and activists to join forces. If you haven’t already, please sign and share our appeal to broaden our impact. 

Additionally, we organize targeted retreats focusing on the ongoing conflicts in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel. These retreats provide safe spaces for deep, meaningful discussions on non-violent social change and conflict transformation. The aim is to cultivate tools of resilience and hope. We incorporate compassionate sharing, dancing, movement and trauma work while also strengthening participants peacebuilding and leadership skills in these challenging  and critical time  Apply here to participate in our upcoming retreat in Greece 24-29 June 2024

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Join Let’s Activate Peace today and be a part of a movement that not only talks about change but makes it happen. Together, we can heal, learn, and build a peaceful future.

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