Gathering at the table for collaborative peace-building initiatives -April 2024 Retreat, Mani, Greece

We envision a world where empowered individuals actively embody peace within themselves, their families, and their communities.

Peace Activation is creating that world through
Peace Activation Core Training, supportive workshops, retreats, and our weekly gathering.

Philosophy & Methodology

Soul-Based Peace Building


The Practice and Process

We need to elevate the discourse beyond what we are seeing and hearing.We must move beyond the surface-level conflicts we witness and begin by realizing that it is ourselves that is the core for either peace or conflict.

When we break the surface of the illusion that we are somehow separate and different from everything around us, we draw power from the all, empowering us to affect all.

Assistance Through Consciousness

Consciousness, Not Righteousness

Let’s move away from the fight and offer a heart-centered vision.
Let’s not obscure our vision with images of violence to justify violence.
Let’s not close our hearts to others and dehumanize them.
It’s not them versus us. It is JUST US (justice).

It is time to address the root causes of conflict through a holistic and inclusive approach.

Choosing Peace

The Only Choice That Matters

Sustainable peace can only be achieved through a deep and meaningful transformation of individuals and societies. It starts with the individual.

We are facilitating awareness of this choice and promoting practices and dialogue to foster a deeper connection with peace itself.

About Us

Who We Are

Our aim is to transform the dialogue and vision for humanity from one with borders to one that is all-inclusive and boundless.

We don’t see “peace” as the alternative – it’s the only sustainable existence.

Geographically, we are based everywhere. Philosophically, we are rooted in and united by our belief that inner peace is the only sustainable practice that can end the external aggression and violence we see in the world.

We are taking a stand to make a choice – the choice of cultivating inner peace. The process will be different for each individual. Our organization is a resource that supports this inner transformation while exploring opportunities to end suffering in the world in small and ultimately big ways.

There is no timeline for this process. All we have is the present moment to work with and through, and every moment counts.