Worldwide Prayer for All People & Peace

Join us for a worldwide prayer for all people, for peace and to end suffering now.

On Sunday, November 12 at 7pm Jerusalem time, we will be united in LIGHT through any method of prayer or expression or outpouring of LOVE that you wish to contribute.

We welcome all traditions, all faiths, all methods of raising the inner vibration to the highest frequency and then sending that to all people globally. Pray in your faith tradition, meditate, recite verses, speak mantras, perform dance, hold ceremony, reflect inwardly or outwardly – do whatever your heart calls you to do for this hour of peace activation.

We are creating a beam of LIGHT and LOVE, an expression of the soul connected to the divine source that will bring healing and peace to all of existence.


What time will this be in my timezone?
You can Google “convert 7pm Jerusalem time to my local time” to get the exact time in your timezone.

My ceremony/prayer takes time to prepare – when do I begin?
Ideally, we want to be synchronized. If you need 3 hours to prepare, try to do it in the hours leading up to start time. Also, don’t worry about time – whenever you start is the RIGHT TIME 🙂

Where will this prayer happen?
EVERYWHERE. You don’t need to go anywhere, but if you have a place of worship that helps in your practice, go to it.

How can I promote participation in this event?
Download this digital flyer to share, or share the link to this post. Feel free to promote this in the way that will work best for your community.

Will this be broadcast so we can see each other?
Join our Zoom meeting space if this helps you feel more connected. It is optional to join this meeting. The unity in prayer or ceremony or expression is the important thing. And if you wish, we welcome you to record a video of yourself in prayer or ceremony during this event and submit it. We may roll it into a montage to document our efforts for peace activation.

Are there other ways I can participate?