Spiritual Bypass – March 1

Weekly Gathering – March 1, 6pm (Jerusalem time)

There exists some complexity surrounding the term “peace” and the pursuit of self-care amid an external environment characterized by persistent violence and discord.

When dialogue about a conflict is filtered through a spiritual lens that speaks only of “forgiveness” and “karma,” it inadvertently glosses over the raw emotions of anger and fear, as well as the scars of history; it oversimplifies a story of displacement, a chronicle of violence, and political motives that must also be acknowledged at the very least.

“Peace activation,” therefore, demands a sensitivity for our past, action in the present moment to heal our individual wounds and trauma, and taking collective responsibility for our future.

Eva Dalak, founder of Peace Activation, has a post titled Beyond Spiritual Bypassing : Peace Activation in Palestine-Israel which dives deeper into this topic within the context of the violence we are witnessing in the Middle East.

Individual peace is the foundation for global peace. In fact, the latter cannot exist without the former. But seeing the path from ourselves to the community can be difficult. Learn how soul-centered peace building will pave the road to a new future.