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Online Workshop: Expand the Box

May 23 @ 11:00 am 1:00 pm Costa Rica Timezone

What Does It Take To Create A New Conscious Culture? 

Most people do not know that current mainstream capitalist patriarchal modern culture is not the end all of culture. It has an edge. Beyond that edge lies Possibility and and potential to create Next Cultures, that serve life on planet Earth.

Possibility Management is upgraded Thoughtware for Next Culture. An Expand The Box Training is a training for you to begin your journey of empowering yourself to be able to effectively create those new Gaian cultures. The training contains powerfully clear transformational and healing processes that create effective and lasting change in you. These are authentic adulthood initiatory process for you to take your authority back to bring to life what your heart is yearning for, and what your mission calls you for.

But for you to be able to create what your heart really wants, you need to be in clear touch with your heart. Do you think having a heart is a design error, or something inconvenient? Do you know what your feelings are for?  What your Anger is for? What your Fear is for?

This 2h workshop is an Introduction to some of the tools and distinctions of the Expand The Box Training, with time for Q&A and next steps. We will mostly be doing conscious feelings work and getting new clarity about what your heart has for you.

This introduction will be online. Please make sure you are calling in through a laptop in a stable internet connection, in a space where you have privacy and can make some noise.

Participants need:

  • A notebook and pen.
  • Water and tissues.
  • Readiness to express and witness.
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About Facilitator Vera Franco

Possibility Management Trainer & Coach

Vera Franco is an Abundance Midwife, opening portals to an abundance of possibilities not seen before. She is taking a stand for the evolution of human consciousness and thriving life on Earth by facilitating context-shifting for greater consciousness and presence for individuals and communities. After years involved in political movements in her birth country, she started her journey of empowering people to create the culture they want in the Ecovillage Findhorn in northeast Scotland training people to design their Ecovillages around the world. After discovering the incredible clarity and empowerment of Possibility Management she left Findhorn to become a nomad, empowering people and communities all over the world to transforme and evolve, and clarify the culture they truly want to live in.

website: http://verafranco.org
IG: @veraluisafranco

Online via Zoom