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  • About Peace Activation

    About Peace Activation

    “Peace activation is about bringing people to a safe space so they can listen and express where they are at. It’s not a space where we are shaming or blaming or discussing different narrative …

  • We Choose Peace

    We Choose Peace

    “Out there between wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”-Rumi People ask me how am I doing, and how my family is. I don’t know what to answer. My family is safe. For now. Some family members are in Gaza, some in Nablus, some in Jaffa, and some in Rameleh.

  • Beyond Polarization

    Beyond Polarization

    Polarities have become an inherent part of our world. Opposing views, conflicting ideologies, and divisive rhetoric bombard us. We often feel pressured to pick a side, to join one group or another. When I speak with Palestinians and Israeli peace activists, many express their despair. The crisis seems never-ending. For some, it is harder to…